Nite Rockerz

Nite Rockerz

DJ | Club DJ, Wedding DJ, Event DJ

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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About the artist

Nite Rockerz


Bio: NITE ROCKERZ were previously known as DJ BROTHERS. They started as an upshot obsession for music and the love for watching crowd go wild. NITE ROCKERZ spinning super loud - EDM, Commercial House, Dutch House, Dub Step, Hip Hop & Bollywood. They have played for many clubs & Events and always are experimenting with the music. Their Sound transcends various genres of music, flirting
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Team Members: Dj Nik & Dj Tejas

Performance details

Available for
Corporate Event | College Events | Personal Occasion | Restaurant/Bar & Hotels | Other Event |


Personnel strength
2 members

Performance length
1 - 3 hours hours

Willing to travel

Performance language
English, Hindi


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